Innovation Day 2021 - 100% digital

Registration is now open for this year's edition of Innovation Day! Due to the coronapandemic, this year's event will be a live broadcasted event. We invite you to a day full of inspiration and talk about innovation and digital transformation, opportunities for networking, new business and collaboration opportunities.

This year's host, Ulrika Wilke, will guide us through the day. All tracks but eHealth are hosted in English (eHealth is in Swedish). Participation during Innovation Day is free.

About this year's topic: Innovation and digital transformation
Society at large is at a tipping point. Never have the expectations on our society been higher. Yet many of the challenges we face – the climate change, a global pandemic and inequality, to name a few – may seem impossible to resolve in other ways than by putting restraints on our current lifestyle.

Still, we know we can solve great challenges rapidly when we put our minds to it – just look at the way digital solutions have transformed our businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic. We need to rethink the challenges and find new solutions – with innovation and digital transformation as essential tools in our toolbox.

Strategic matchmaking: Explore the opportunities in future offshore windfarms in the Baltics
In Sep 2020, eight EU member states in the Baltic region signed a joint declaration of intent to develop offshore wind farms in the area of the Baltic sea, and by cooperating between the countries to aim towards the potential to increase from the existing 12GW in EU at least 20 times to by 2050. This is part of the EU green deal to reach the target of climate neutral EU by 2050. There is also targets for year 2030, where EU has a target to have 60 GW installed in Europe. In light of this ambition to develop offshore wind in the Baltics, we are now arranging a session during Innovation Day with focus on the opportunities in future offshore windfarms in the Baltics! NKT HV Cables AB  and Roxtec share knowledge and insights to be followed by discussions. Join us during the maritime technology session here!

Stena Line Propeller Prize and BlueHealth Prize
To stimulate innovation and new businesses, the Stena Line Propeller Prize and BlueHealth Prize are awarded to growth companies and collaboration projects by Stena Line and Länsförsäkringar Blekinge. (The BlueHealth Prize is open for companies/projects based in Sweden.) Follow the exciting award ceremony during the ID morning program!
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About Innovation Day
Innovation Day in Karlskrona has been arranged by Blue Science Park and our partners annually since 2017. We make sure that innovation and digitization stays at the top of the agenda during a day filled with networking opportunities and presentations. More specifically, we provide a venue where researchers, entrepreneurs, innovators, students, companies and employees in public sector meet up for inspiring outlooks at the future in the fields of Digital technology, Maritime technology, Urban development and eHealth.

Karlskrona – 340 years of innovation

It's in our DNA. The ability to find innovative solutions to major challenges. Through innovative thinking, ingenuity and courage, we have proven that nothing is impossible. And we continue to prove it – generation after generation. Sometimes it takes a certain amount of madness to create something unique. Perhaps Charles XI was aware of this when he built a war city on islands, far out at sea and without drinking water. And perhaps it was precisely there that Karlskrona's rich innovation history began. Challenges breed innovation. Read the full article

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